The Sonia Rykiel House attaches particular importance to the processing, confidentiality and security of your personal data. We are committed to offering you personalized services while respecting your privacy and personal choices.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you in a clear, simple and complete manner of the processing carried out on the personal data that you provide to us, or that our House can collect from the various contacts you may have with us (e.g., Customer Service,, social networks, digital applications, events), their possible transfer to third parties as well as your rights and the options you have to control your information protect your privacy, in accordance with current regulations.

The Data Controller will be Sonia Rykiel Paris, within the meaning of the regulations applicable to personal data and in particular with regard to article 24 of the Regulations (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter "GDPR").

In this Statement, you will find information about:

  • Who are we?
  • What data we may collect about you
  • How we collect or receive your data
  • For what purposes we use your data
  • How long we keep them
  • Who are the recipients of your data
  • How we protect them and ensure their confidentiality
  • How we treat your preferences and your rights stemming from European Regulation
  • The additional protections we offer to residents of certain regions
  • How to contact us if you have questions about our use of your personal data
  • How we protect children's privacy
  • Modification of this privacy statement

WHO are we ?

  • The Maison Sonia Rykiel Paris

Sonia Rykiel Création Paris SAS (head office), with its head office located at 41 Rue François 1er, Paris 8, France, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 880 170 519 and represented by Michael DAYAN in his capacity as CEO of Sonia Rykiel Paris.

WHAT data do we collect about you?

"Personal data" means any information that identifies you either directly (such as your name) or indirectly (for example, using a unique customer number).

The personal data we collect depends on the point of contact through which you interact with us, as well as the purposes of this interaction as described in this Policy and are also limited to those which are relevant and appropriate for this interaction. Visitors to the website who view our products, information and offers can choose to do so without logging in, and the same is when browsing on social media. Unless you choose to interact with us through these contact points, for example:

  • by creating an account and connecting to it,
  • by making a purchase on our site,
  • by subscribing to one of our programs or services,
  • by writing to us via the consumer contact forms, 

or else, our data collection is limited to the use of "cookies" (visitors) for website visitors whose conditions are specifically defined by our cookie policy and according to your preferences. For the sake of transparency and clarity, our cookie management policy is separate from this general policy.

For one thing, for customers and others who sign up for programs or services, we need to collect certain relevant information from you. The information we collect is related to a given transaction as well as in the context of our business relationship with you. For example, if you make purchases on, we must collect information to process (and, if necessary, execute and dispatch) your order, to ensure its tracking and invoicing, to be in able to respond to any after-sales inquiries you may have. For customers and others who sign up for our programs or services, we generally collect your contact information, contact preferences and information that allows us to make recommendations to you about our products or services that may be of interest to you. We can centralize information about our customers to organize it in one place, as this helps us manage our relationship with you as well as your choices and preferences. Finally, if you subscribe to our newsletter, we collect your email address.

Depending on the data that you communicate to us or that you share with us, personal data may include information concerning:

  • Your identity and contact details: surname, first name, postal address, email address, telephone number
  • Your interests
  • A history of your online purchases, including your orders, tracking and invoices, amount and type of purchase and your repairs
  • Your requests via our customer service or our public relations service
  • The Sonia Rykiel events in which you participate
  • Your date of birth in order to benefit from the Birthday offers eligible according to your program
  • Your satisfaction and comments on our programs, services and products

Regarding your purchases, payments are made via a secure payment platform, supplemented by control measures, including encryption of contact details, in order to guarantee the security of purchases made and to fight against fraud. Your bank details are therefore not accessible on Sonia Rykiel's servers.

We invite you to ensure that your data is regularly updated, either by modifying it directly on our site or, by informing us in writing of any modification by referring to the dedicated section « Contact ».

HOW do we collect or receive your data?

As part of our relationships, the data we collect may be collected through the following contact points:

  • Course on
  • Sonia Rykiel events in which you participate
  • Relationship with our public relations services
  • Contact with Customer Service
  • Forms that you fill out online
  • Digital applications with which you interact
  • Loyalty program from which you benefit
  • Third party data providers with whom you share information
  • Satisfaction surveys or questionnaires to which you answer

During your purchase journey, you will be able to choose between i) logging into your existing Sonia Rykiel account, ii) creating a new account, or iii) paying as a Guest (or also called Guest Check out). This last purchasing experience is thus summarized as follows:

Payment for purchases as a Guest refers to the possibility for any Sonia Rykiel customer or prospect to make a purchase in our online store without logging into an account. Your information is collected only for the process of payment and delivery of items or for Sonia Rykiel in order to comply with applicable laws. In accordance with your express consent, the information may be used for analytical purposes by Sonia Rykiel. Likewise, in accordance with your express consent, your information may also be used by Sonia Rykiel for communication purposes via its preferred channel (for example: subscribe to a newsletter).

FOR WHAT PURPOSES is your data used by Sonia Rykiel Creation Paris?

We are required to use your data for purposes defined according to the nature of our relationships. Thus, depending on the context in which your data is collected, it may be used for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Managing your orders
  • Management of personalized content and communications (digital or not)
  • Managing your profile
  • Managing your loyalty program
  • Managing your requests in connection with Sonia Rykiel
  • The management of events in which you register / participate
  • The management of our website and our digital applications
  • Management and improvement of our products and services, image and reputation
  • Transaction management (securing online payments, prevention of fraud, incidents related to payments and debts)
  • Analysis and personalization purposes: with your explicit consent (when required), we use your personal data to send you personalized communications (newsletters, offers, invitations and surveys) and analyze your preferences and habits, anticipate your needs from of your consumer profile.

We ensure the legal basis for the processing of your data according to the purpose (s) concerned, which may be, depending on the context in which it is collected:

  • Your explicit consent: for example, for the purposes of managing our personalized commercial offers, managing your browsing via cookies under the conditions defined by our Cookies Policy, or establishing your consumer profile in applicable cases;
  • The implementation of a contract, for example for your access to your customer account, the processing and follow-up of your orders ...;
  • A legal obligation when processing is required by law, for example, keeping purchase invoices to prevent fraud;
  • Our legitimate interest: for example, to improve our products and services, defend ourselves or secure our tools

HOW LONG can we keep them?

We keep your personal data only for the time necessary for the purpose pursued.

When we no longer need to use your personal data, it is deleted from our systems and our registers or made anonymous so that it can no longer be identified, subject to retention for archival purposes. claims and litigation management as well as to meet our legal and / or regulatory obligations and / or to respond to requests from authorities authorized to make the request

WHO can access your data?

Your data is intended for the services of Sonia Rykiel Création Paris concerned by your requests. We ensure that only duly authorized persons can access your personal data when this is necessary for the aforementioned purposes.

We do not pass your data on to third parties for commercial purposes.

We are only required to communicate your information if necessary, and if possible in a form that does not allow direct identification.

For example, we entrust certain services to third parties responsible for delivering a product to you, payment service providers and transaction security against fraud, third parties who assist us in the organization of our events, third parties providing services IT, digital communication and public relations agencies, third parties who assist us in customer service, third parties who assist us in qualitative surveys of our products, programs or services.

Please note that these partners may act as data controllers; in this case, they have their own privacy policies.

You can also choose to disclose your personal data to our partners, advertisers and affiliates by following a link to and from their websites. Please note that these websites apply their own privacy policy.

We may also offer you the possibility of using your social media connection data. Please note that in this case, you are sharing your profile information with us. The personal data shared depends on the configuration of the social network platform. Please note that these social networks apply their own privacy policy

HOW do we protect and ensure the confidentiality of your data?

We take all the necessary precautions to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your data and to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, destroyed or from unauthorized third parties having access to it.

We ask our partners and group companies to maintain a level of protection similar to ours concerning your personal data. The security measures put in place are evaluated and updated to face new threats and new challenges, as well as new legal requirements in the countries where we operate.

HOW do we deal with cross-border protections?

Given the presence of Sonia Rykiel in many countries around the world and in order to provide you with personalized service worldwide, some of your data may be collected, accessible or stored outside your country of residence. You should be aware that data protection and security requirements differ from place to place and may not offer the same level of protection as those of your country of origin. However, Sonia Rykiel has taken measures to guarantee an adequate level of protection of your data, regardless of their location, for example by using standard data transfer clauses, or any other method approved by the European Commission (where data protection legislation is considered to be the most effective in the world) and / or the National Data Protection Authorities. We also ask our third party partners to comply with the applicable data transfer obligations, for example by contractual clauses, with regard to the personal data they receive on our behalf.

HOW are consumer preferences and individual rights treated?

In accordance with applicable laws and requirements, Sonia Rykiel has put in place measures to guarantee respect for the rights of individuals with regard to personal data that we (or our third parties) have about them. This includes, for example, the right to know the data that we hold about you or to obtain a copy, as well as the limited rights to modify your data, to request erasure or to object to the processing of your data. We encourage those who have given their data to us to keep it up-to-date (for example, if you change your email address, address or telephone number), so that we keep your correct information in our files. We also encourage consumers to update their preferences with us, for example regarding products and frequency of contact, so that we can customize our service to suit your expectations and needs.

Finally, we offer individuals the right to withdraw their consent from our programs and offers at any time. To do this, or to exercise any of these other rights, please use or the contact possibilities in the section "Contact". For people wishing to access their data, we also need authentication to ensure that we do not provide personal data to an unauthorized person.

WHAT additional protections are provided for residents of certain regions?

Sonia Rykiel has adopted the data protection and security practices described in this privacy policy for all individuals concerned. In addition, we have also identified and taken in to account the data protection and security measures required at local or regional level. This includes, for example, those required for residents of the European Union / European Economic Area under the General EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679.

In particular, the GDPR provides the following rights:

  • Right to information: you have the right to obtain clear, transparent and understandable information about how we use your personal data and about your rights. You will find all of this information in this policy
  • Right of access: you have the right to access the personal data that Sonia Rykiel holds about you
  • Right of rectification: you have the right to have your personal data rectified if it is inaccurate or obsolete and / or to supplement it if it is incomplete
  • Right to erasure / right to be forgotten: you have the right to have your data erased or deleted. However, this right may be limited by a legal reason or our legitimate interest in keeping your personal data
  • Right of opposition: you can at any time request to no longer receive our communications relating to our offers, news and events. You can in particular use the hypertext link provided for this purpose in each email or communication that we send to you. You can also request to receive non-personalized communications about our products and services
  • Right to withdraw consent at any time for data processing based on consent: you can withdraw your consent relating to our processing of your data when this processing is based on consent
  • Right to data portability: you have the right to move, copy or transfer data from our database to another. This right only applies to the data you have provided, and provided that the processing is based on a contract or your consent and carried out using automated processes

You, or one of your legally designated representatives, also have the right to formulate specific or general directives concerning the conservation, erasure and communication of your post-mortem data and this in application of the Law for a Digital Republic .

HOW to contact us ?

Please contact us in the manner below if you wish to exercise these rights or if you have questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data.


  • By email to
  • By online form on our « Contact » page
  • By post: Sonia Rykiel Création Paris, 41 Rue François 1er, 75008 Paris, France

For the sake of speed of management of your requests, it is advisable to favor the email address.

You also have the right to contact the  data protection authority, the CNIL, at any time, in order to lodge a complaint against Sonia Rykiel's data protection and privacy practices. The CNIL can be contacted using the following information:

Commission Nationale pour l’Informatique et les Libertés (CNIL)

3 Place de Fontenoy TSA 80715 - 75334 Paris, Cedex 07 Phone. +33 1 53 73 22 22 Fax +33 1 53 73 22 00 Website:

We also wish to inform you about the contacts of other authorities in Europe that you can find and contact on the website of the European Data Protection Board:

HOW does Sonia Rykiel protect the privacy of children?

Sonia Rykiel has adopted practices aimed at avoiding collecting or storing information on children under the age of 15, in accordance with French law. If we learn that we have mistakenly collected information from people under the age of 15, we will purge it immediately, except to answer a single question or request from the person, their parent or legal guardian.