Rykiel x Morgane Ortin Handkerchiefs

70,00 €
Rykiel x Morgane Ortin Handkerchiefs


This duo of handkerchiefs in collaboration with Morgane Ortin, is composed of a white handkerchief with
"larmes d'extase" (tears of ecstasy) embroidery and a floral handkerchief with "larmes de chagrin" (tears of sorrow) embroidery chosen randomly from the two models presented in the photos. 

These two handkerchiefs (white and floral) are packaged in a black velvet pouch with the rhinestone inscription "les mouchoirs de l'amoureux.se" ( the lover's handkerchiefs). 


Width 25 cm, Height 25 cm. 


Handkerchief : 100% Cotton.

Pouch : 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester. 

Made in Portugal. 

Reference: 521HX035-PF-21H_001