Lily of the valley Strass Necklace

198,00 € 330,00 € -40%
Collier Muguet En Strass - Sonia Rykiel

Brass and glass pendant necklace with metal and strass finishes.


The originality and elegance of this necklace found in the finishing touches of this rhinestone jewel represents Sonia Rykiel in every way. One can already imagine, just by looking at it, associating it in all simplicity with her most beautiful black dress or tempting extravagance and mixing it with the multicoloured and flower-dotted pieces of the rest of the collection. "The rhinestones. As beautiful as a shine, they are all the more fascinating because they are completely fake. I will never tire of them" -SR


Main Material 1: 76% Brass, 24% Glass