1968 The Sonia Rykiel sweaters are sold in the Laura boutique in Paris. The french singer Francoise Hardy and Audrey Hepburn,on world tour for her movie, totally fall for this garment.

Since the 1970s, Sonia Rykiel (1930-2016) embodies an emancipated and iconoclastic woman. She will always be known as one of the main figures of Parisian ready-to-wear.

Throughout the collections, Sonia Rykiel has been able to turn fashion upside down and create clothes that match with a real lifestyle. Shaking up institutions, not paying attention to codes and established rules, she has always took women’s part. This perhaps explains the modernity, the longevity, the influence, the posterity of her vision and its unique journey.

  • New York Fashion Group International award
  • National Order of the Legion of Honor, then Commander
  • Insignia of Commander of Arts and Letters
  • Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit.
  • Sonia Rykiel Alley in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, the only street named after a fashion designer in Paris.
  • stripes
  • no hem
  • velvet
  • lace
  • « trompe l'œil»
  • black
  • reverse seams
  • colors
  • words
  • intarsia
  • strass
  • studs
  • masculine-feminine
  • true-false
  • layering
  • knit
  • sweater
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Rykielism is a sociological and stylistic movement founded in 1968 by Sonia Rykiel in Saint-Germain-des-Près, a neighborhood in Paris’ Left Bank. Rykielism extols the libération of women through sensuality, intelligence and irreverence.

Rykielism is about having the freedom to be oneself. It’s a way of life that’s chic and offbeat.

  • demode
  • freedom
  • avant-garde
  • bold
  • provocation
  • democratization
  • joy of living
  • pleasure
  • seduction
  • Sensuality
  • game / double-dealing
  • game
  • trust
  • emancipation
  • eccentricity
  • humour
  • chic
  • offset
  • non-compliance
  • visionnarism
  • passion
  • bewitchment
  • mischief


Marion Cotillard - pull Sonia Rykiel
Gigi Hadid - défilé Sonia Rykiel
Selena Gomez - Pull Sonia Rykiel
Gwyneth Paltrow - Robe sequin Sonia Rykiel
Julianne Moore en robe Sonia Rykiel
Scarlett Johansson en top Sonia Rykiel
Kendall Jenner
Michelle Obama en pull Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Cate Blanchett bag Sonia Rykiel -