White Sketch T-ShirtWhite Sketch T-Shirt
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White Sketch T-Shirt

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T-shirt manches courtes blanc.T-Shirt Allée Sonia Rykiel
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T-Shirt Allée Sonia Rykiel

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White Rykiel T-ShirtWhite Rykiel T-Shirt
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White Rykiel T-Shirt

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Rykiel Signature T-ShirtRykiel Signature T-Shirt
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Rykiel Signature T-Shirt

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Black Rykiel T-ShirtBlack Rykiel T-Shirt
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Black Rykiel T-Shirt

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Black Sketch T-ShirtBlack Sketch T-Shirt
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Black Sketch T-Shirt

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Multicolored Striped T-shirtMulticolored Striped T-shirt
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Multicolored Striped T-shirt

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Asymmetrical T-shirtAsymmetrical T-shirt
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Asymmetrical T-shirt

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T-Shirt RykielismeT-Shirt Rykielisme
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T-Shirt Rykielisme

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Sonia Rykiel Short Sleeve T-ShirtSonia Rykiel Short Sleeve T-Shirt
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Sonia Rykiel Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Sonia Rykiel clothing, a bold and feminine T-shirt

In 1955, Sonia Rykiel makes her first piece: an oversized knit jumper for her to wear during her pregnancy. This is the beginning of the Rykiel fashion house. A colorful, graphic wardrobe, with signature stripes and a love of joyful and feminine quirkiness. These features will quickly come to characterize Sonia Rykiel clothing.

Particular attention is paid when designing the pieces in the collection to ensure freedom of movement. As odes to the female body, Sonia Rykiel clothing is flowing, colorful and modern. Its shapes and cuts are timeless. 

The Sonia Rykiel T-shirt, a creative and colorful medium

The Sonia Rykiel T-shirt is iconic. Colorful, sometimes featuring a message, it embodies the Parisian fashion house’s values and subtly showcases the major motifs that are so important to the designer: hearts, rhinestones, flowers, kisses. 

The Sonia Rykiel T-shirt is also inspired by the designer’s love of the arts. Colorful and hand-painted prints underline the simple and timeless shapes of thick cotton clothing that is produced in Europe and will become a life-long companion. 

Designing modern, free-spirited clothing

The Sonia Rykiel clothing range creates a powerful and bold women’s wardrobe. When designing her clothing, Sonia Rykiel wanted to create a lifestyle rather than a trend. Her collections defy convention to focus on a stylish and casual esthetic that became her trademark. Sonia Rykiel coats create androgynous and elegant silhouettes, inspired by a new approach to Parisian fashion that transcends the ages. The fashion house’s unique signature style creates pieces with a strong, timeless look, such as the Sonia Rykiel coat

The Sonia Rykiel fashion house ensures that the brand’s clothing is produced in France or Europe, using quality materials for ethical production and powerful esthetics.