The Sonia Rykiel skirt, alluring and feminine

The Sonia Rykiel skirt is a women’s wardrobe essential. This must-have piece has been reinvented over the seasons by the Sonia Rykiel fashion house. The designer showcases flowing styles, quality materials and bright, vibrant colors to dress unique women and create a fresh, bold wardrobe. 

The Sonia Rykiel skirt is multifaceted: monochrome and openwork, it’s perfect on hot summer days. The multicolored knit skirt is an iconic piece by the Rykiel fashion house, soft and sensual. The leather mini skirt with contrasting zips has a very feminine and rock ‘n’ roll feel. Featuring the iconic Sonia Rykiel stripes, it’s timeless and stylish, ideal for all occasions and all body types. 

Sonia Rykiel’s “démode”: breaking the traditional rules of fashion

This inventive spirit and these innovative shapes are found in all the designs by the French fashion house. Sonia Rykiel dresses and pants are all powerful, modern pieces. The designer plays with the rules, seeking inspiration from men’s wardrobes, stage and theater costumes and the great classics of haute couture to create her collections. She embraces fashion to break its traditional rules: her unique “démode” approach. 

Sonia Rykiel pants and Sonia Rykiel dresses are surprising and remarkable pieces that are also particularly modern and figure-enhancing. A seventies spirit for high-waisted jeans, the addition of embroidery and rhinestones to reveal a classic fit or intense black to enhance the shape of a timeless pair of Sonia Rykiel pants.

Modern femininity

The fashion house’s skirts and dresses can be worn by women on any occasion. The designs of Sonia Rykiel dresses are unique and feminine. Made in Europe, they have all the quality you’d expect from a luxury French fashion house, with an extra touch of Rykiel originality! The Sonia Rykiel woman defines herself as timeless and remarkable, whether in a skirt, a dress or pants.