The Sonia Rykiel scarf, real attention to detail

Sonia Rykiel, a designer with a passion for the arts and literature, founded her eponymous fashion house in 1955. Innovative and quirky, she created a feminine and original style that, more than fifty years later, is still as modern and innovative as ever.

Particular attention is paid to Sonia Rykiel accessories: they add light and color to the most understated outfits and are the finishing touch to a unique and inimitable style. 

Scarves like an embrace 

Sonia Rykiel scarves and silk squares are designed as works of art in motion. Free from their frames, they break the rules and exist independently. Esthetically pleasing and wonderfully soft, these hand-knitted or hand-rolled accessories accompany women everywhere they go. Like delicate embraces around the neck or a joyful glimmer in women’s hair, tied around their handbag or even around their wrist, these pieces provide elegant style.

Sonia Rykiel scarves are available in various versions: colorful, soft or rough to the touch, featuring the iconic stripes of the Rykiel fashion house, they are both modern and timeless. Jet black, made from wool and silk, they are a must-have and truly feminine addition to any stylish yet understated wardrobe. This accessory is reinvented every season, decorated with messages and photographs, like bright, modern artwork. 

Luxury woven fabrics and bold patterns 

Bold prints brighten the complexion and add a sensual and irreverent touch that is truly unique to those who wear them. Sonia Rykiel, known as the Queen of Knitwear, also creates connections between accessories and knitwear. The Sonia Rykiel sweater is a perfect pairing with jewelry and a silk square scarf or, with its contrasting colors, it brings out the patterns of Sonia Rykiel scarves.

The Parisian fashion house’s various knit fabrics are used to create soft and all-enveloping outfits that hug the body and make movement a joy. Everyday life becomes a rare treat and fashion becomes a pleasurable pursuit!