Sonia Rykiel, shoe designer

As a designer, Sonia Rykiel’s free-spirited approach is characterized by an esthetic casualness, unique and audacious designs, age-old expertise and real attention to detail during the production process.

The Sonia Rykiel shoe range is available in a variety of styles and materials: the perfect finishing touch to feminine and colorful looks, classic outfits and urban and contemporary styles. Sonia Rykiel shoes are modern and playful, just like their designer. The result of French and Italian craftsmanship, the various models are manufactured in Europe with care and precision.

Madame Rykiel, an iconic sandal

The Sonia Rykiel pumps and sandals are timeless creations by the fashion house, including the iconic Madame Rykiel sandals. Incredibly feminine, these shoes showcase the fashion house’s iconic motifs, such as the designer's much-loved signature stripes, and truly embody the brand. 

The square cut and narrow heel of the fashion house’s signature pumps offer the ideal curve. Minimalist and contemporary, the very sleek design of the Sonia Rykiel boots creates a sophisticated look with a sexy touch. 

The Sonia Rykiel fashion house also develops numerous and select collaborations and innovative techniques. 

Combining tradition and fashion

The esthetic of the Sonia Rykiel shoe collection combines tradition and modernity. As a result, the Sonia Rykiel sneakers provide comfort and elegance for everyday wear. Their timeless and stylish designs showcase the fashion house’s DNA with the signature style of the Sonia Rykiel wardrobe: stripes, transparency, beads, colorful and graphic details. 

The unique and bold vision of the designer Sonia Rykiel is expressed in each and every one of the shoes designed by the fashion house. Sonia Rykiel boots, sneakers, sandals and pumps offer endless interpretations of what it is to be a woman and convey infinite expressions of her personality.