The Sonia Rykiel tote bag, the stylish spirit of the Parisian designer 

The Sonia Rykiel tote bag is the embodiment of the stylish, uninhibited and joyful spirit of the French fashion house. Drawing its inspiration from Parisian tote bags, Sonia Rykiel offers a modern and elegant version that’s also practical, making it ideal for everyday life. The perfect place in which to store a book, a pouch, sunglasses or a few groceries, the tote bag is the ultimate companion and everyday ally for women. Sonia Rykiel delights in its multifaceted possibilities: once women try it for themselves, they can’t live without it.

The Sonia Rykiel tote bag, a stylish, modern take on the handbag 

Decorated with colorful messages, the Sonia Rykiel Secret tote bag can be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder and, as its name suggests, it can hold anything and everything on the journey. Designed in coated kraft with a baguette print as a nod to French fashion, this bag is a charming and eye-catching accessory. 

This tote bag, designed with an upcycled feel, is ethical, fresh and ideal for a Sunday stroll. More formal but just as practical, Le Marché is a lightweight, sleek and reversible tote bag that goes with everything: a timeless, loyal and life-long companion. Its soft, understated leather provides an elegant look, while the full-grain leather version boasts a stylish sportswear feel and can be worn over the shoulder or carried by hand.

 A love for uninhibited style

Since her eponymous fashion house was first founded, Sonia Rykiel has always designed clothing and accessories to meet women’s every need. An advocate of fashion that adapts to the body and to movement, the Sonia Rykiel fashion house offers surprising, innovative and elegant designs. 

Sonia Rykiel handbags are as multifaceted and personalized as the women who make them their everyday companions. Combining quality, expert craftsmanship and contemporary techniques, Sonia Rykiel handbags and Sonia Rykiel shoes are made in France and Italy to guarantee inimitable quality. Combined with the boldness and free spirit of Sonia Rykiel, the fashion house’s shoes and handbags help reinvent a fresh, sophisticated and cheeky style.