Sonia Rykiel, fashion house, jewelry and accessories

Sonia Rykiel jewelry is made with an emphasis on precise craftsmanship and a desire to show off surprising and celebratory color schemes, all while showcasing delicate and quality materials. 

Sonia Rykiel is a fan of celebrations, the arts and magnificently fresh, joyful and feminine costumes of stage and screen, in their cheerful brightness. A touch of colorful brilliance, earrings with yellow, pink or royal blue feathers create a pleasing appearance with a playful touch. Decorated with a heart, one of the designer’s favorite motifs, the Parisian fashion house’s DNA is evident in the design of this jewelry: a simple ode to true love. 

Sonia Rykiel jewelry, bright and delicate

Brooches are set with white or colored rhinestones, subtly evoking flowers and fruit. These pieces of jewelry brighten up the most understated outfits and modernize classic looks. Sonia Rykiel jewelry and the fashion house’s accessory collections are an extravagant opportunity to express freedom, originality and quirkiness, with no constraints. 

Accessories as flagship pieces

Sonia Rykiel jewelry, scarves and other accessories are intergenerational, passing on and passing through time. They celebrate women in every facet of their lives. Whether extravagant, sensual or joyful, Sonia Rykiel accessories are designed for all women! Sonia Rykiel saw fashion as a form of expression to be conquered and explored with joy, something that gave her designs their avant-garde nature. 

Sonia Rykiel scarves are also considered as pieces of jewelry. These lightweight accessories enhance movement and add a gentle, colorful touch to an outfit. Sonia Rykiel accessories are pieces in their own right, designed with particular care and attention to detail. They embody the fashion house’s values and add joy and singularity to its collections, season after season.