Sonia Rykiel accessories, a key element of the contemporary wardrobe

The Sonia Rykiel fashion house pays particular attention to the design of its accessories, leather goods and jewelry collections. Sonia Rykiel accessories add a refreshing playfulness to any look. Elaborate, colorful and very feminine, they have embodied the fashion house’s values since 1992.

Designed in silk, wool or cotton and made in Italy, scarves are designed as works of art in motion. Delicate and bright, they light up the wearer’s face. Jewelry is a feat of craftsmanship with subtle and striking lines. Bags are designed to be bold and faithful companions that go with any outfit. Sonia Rykiel accessories are constantly reinvented to showcase the free and modern spirit of the Parisian designer. 

Craftsmanship and art at the heart of the Sonia Rykiel fashion house 

Sonia Rykiel leather goods have become timeless icons of the fashion house. The Forever zipped wallet is decorated with multicolored stripes, Sonia Rykiel’s signature. Practical and stylish, it has been designed to be the perfect everyday piece for women. Featuring quirky designs, Sonia Rykiel handbag accessories are small, colorful and modular pieces that can be paired endlessly with different outfits. Handcrafted in calf leather, these pieces, somewhere between an accessory and costume jewelry, are the ideal gift to put a smile on someone’s face. 

Sonia Rykiel’s colorful jewelry 

The fashion house’s jewelry is the result of unbridled creativity. Materials are carefully chosen and the unconventional combinations of brass, semi-precious stones, glass and delicate Swarovski crystals make these pieces uniquely recognizable. Sonia Rykiel jewelry is innately cheerful, subtly evoking the fashion house’s major motifs. 

These collections feature the hearts, the rhinestones, the feathers and the bright colors for which Sonia Rykiel is known. These motifs are included consistently in everything from sunglasses frames to the Half-Pullover, the fashion house’s flagship piece and a best-selling Sonia Rykiel accessory.